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2010 Church Service

March 21st 2010

Some rather special prayers were offered last week, which ensured fine weather for the 2010 Church Service at St Georges, Chatham Maritime.

This magnificent venue once again welcomed many Knights, their wives, children and indeed Grandchildren, for a gathering of true family thanksgiving. For those expecting a long service, they were "disappointed".

The proceedings started with the processions of the various Christian Orders in Kent, all wearing their specific regalia. The Malta Delegation was particularly honoured this year by the attendance of the Great Prior of Malta, R.E.Kt. E.B.Goodwin, (or “Eddie” to his friends!), accompanied by his wife Mary. We also welcomed the Provincial Priors of Essex and Surrey, together with their wives, and the Vice-Chancellor of Sussex, E.Kt. Alan Froom.

The sermon by V.E.Kt. John Sylvester was brief, but distinctly to the point, and the hymns were well known and here to see the Provincial Prelates address

At the end of service, under an hour from the very first Procession in, the Recession was formed with all the distinguished guests, their wives, and the Officers of the Province and their wives retired to join everyone else in a magnificent afternoon tea and buffet.