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Great Priory of Malta 2011

A magnificent meeting, carried out with the military precision now expected of our Great Mareschal and his team, and enjoyed by more than 30 Kent members, among the throng of knights from throughout the Constitution and beyond.

Why were the Kent members there?

Of course it was to witness the Grand Master conferring the dignity of Knight Commander of the United Orders on our own Right Eminent Provincial Prior, and Great Priory of Malta Ranks on several of our members.

In addition, a remarkable Malta Ceremony was performed for a specially selected candidate, by the Great Prior of Malta and his team – however there were murmurings from certain of our knights that the Grand Master’s Bodyguard were not as good as Kent’s!

Now this may be fighting talk, but be assured that Roy Pike’s injury seen in some of the photos was not sustained in this battle!

A special attender, consorting with our battalions, was Brian Lobb, well known in Kent, but now living in Devon who attended to receive his promotion to Past Gt 2nd Lieutenant, via the Province of Devonshire & Cornwall.

Some years ago, R.E.Kt. Kessick Jones promised that when 30 or more Kent knights attended and dined, he would supply champagne for them all. However, since only 25 actually dined, he got away with it again. He did of course provide the port!

For a number of knights, the fun continued even on the train home, but to find out more, you’ll have to attend yourselves next time – “What happens on Virgin, stays on Virgin!”