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West Kent Preceptory

Date of Warrant 24 February 1961

West Kent Preceptory — Archive

50th Anniversary Meeting — Friday 2nd September 2011

The West Kent Preceptory of the United Religious and Military Orders of the Temple and of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta (the longest title for an Order in Freemasonry) celebrated its 50th Anniversary at Sevenoaks Masonic Centre on Friday 2nd September 2011, having been Consecrated in the Chapter House of Canterbury Cathedral on 3rd June 1961.

The guest of honour was the Provincial Prior, Right Eminent Knight Kessick John Jones (also a member of West Kent Preceptory), attended on by his Provincial Sub-Prior, Very Eminent Knight Peter John McIntyre Past Great Registrar, and other Provincial Officers, Present and Past. Including Knights of the Preceptory, there were 58 swords present.

In addition to the special celebration, the business of the evening was to Install into the Order of Knights Templar Companion Neil Slade; this was accomplished by the Eminent Preceptor, Mark Woolcott, and his Officers in a near perfect and well-performed ceremony - Knight Neil Slade later remarked that he had been greatly impressed by the ceremony and the camaraderie of the Knights. The evening was made more special by a sumptuous five-course meal designed by the SMC caterer, Ian Higgins of Escargot, and accompanied by wine and a fine port provided by the Eminent Preceptor, Eminent Knight Mark Woolcott! overseen by the new SMC Bar Steward, Mrs Catherine Curtis.

The photographs below (taken by Kelvin Gane) will attest to the enjoyment of the evening shared by all.

(From L to R, V.E.Kt. Peter John McIntyre PGtReg (Provincial Sub-Prior), Eminent Preceptor Mark Woolcott, R.E.Kt. Kessick John Jones (Provincial Prior) and E.Kt. David Jordan, Provincial Marshal.
Knights of the West Kent Preceptory, from L to R: Peter Chun, Eric Plaistowe, David Jordan, Lionel Crompton-Thomas (2nd Constable), Mark Woolcott (Eminent Preceptor), Ralph Craig (1st Constable), Trevor Gray, Roger Moye and Ian Mitchell (none of whom were obviously desperate to change and get to the bar!)

The qualification to become a Knight Templar is Master Mason and Royal Arch Companion. If you are interested in finding out more and/or becoming a Knight Templar, please contact the West Kent Registrar, Trevor Gray ( who will be pleased to supply details.