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The 10th Regular Meeting of the Kent Preceptory of Improvement

The tenth regular meeting was held at the Woodside Masonic Centre on Saturday 18th April.

The preceptory has gone from strength to strength since its conception in 1997 when it was founded by three Medway Preceptories when it was called “The Medway Preceptory of Improvement”.

The present Rt. E. Provincial Prior , knowing that we had members from all over the Province, granted us the right to use the present name. We now have joining members from three other provinces including London.

At the meeting on Saturday seventeen Kent Preceptories where represented and, as we split some of the work to allow more members to take an active part,. Twenty five knights from fifteen Preceptories took offices, together with twenty four members and three guests making a total of fifty two knights. including twelve who are to be appointed or promoted at the Provincial meeting.

Any marshal will tell you how difficult it is to hold a meeting using your own members so you can imagine the problems using fifteen different ones and to achieve the unbelievably high standard that was the result on Saturday for which every member is, I am sure, extremely proud.

Due to the great support knights have given to the Preceptory of Improvement, it was able to make donations of £100 each to the Anabta appeal, the Eye Hospital at Jerusalem and also to St Dunstans, an organisation that gives support to those in the modern armed services who have become blind in service. click here to visit website.

Please try and encourage all the knights. of the Province to support the Preceptory of Improvement on the first Saturday in every month except July and August, you need only to bring your sword and belt except for April.

Woodside Masonic Centre Wigmore, Gillingham, ME8 0PG - 10am to midday. For further information contact:

E Kt Roy A Pike PGA-de-Com, Preceptor

Tel: 01634 270313

Knights of the Preceptory who took part in the demonstration All the Knights who attended at the meeting