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Reminder -- Start of the New Season for the Preceptory

Dear Bro. Kt.
I would remind you that The Preceptory of Inprovement re-opens on the 1st Saturday in August

I am sorry to have to tell you that two Kts. have departed to the Great Priory above.

E. Kt. Fred Dell
Funeral 12.40 0n Wednesday 6th at Margate Crematorium

E. Kt. Bob Brazier
Funeral 2.45 On Wednesday 13th at Eltham Crematorium (Falconwood)

Yours E. Kt. Roy A. Pike

April demonstration meeting

This Preceptory was formed with the approval of the the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master in 1998 as the Medway Preceptory of Improvement and honoured with the title of The Kent Preceptory of Improvement by the Present Provincial Prior V. E. Kt. Kessick John Jones.

In April 2011 we held our 12th and most successful annual full dress meeting to date. Knights from sixteen different Preceptories took part, every officer taking a part above that held in his own Preceptory, and twenty were represented at the muster roll.

Any Marshall will tell you that it is difficult to get a ceremony as good as this from one Preceptory let alone sixteen different ones and it is the dedication of the members that makes this possible.

E. Kt. Pritchard was congratulated on becoming the third Kt. In Kent to be certificated by the Great Marshal, quite an achievement for Kent as there are only another four Kts. In the country who have that honour.

The festive board was a great success, with fifty two sitting down to dine, the office of E.P., which is reserved for those we feel have contributed much to the Preceptory, was taken by E. Kt. Bob Brazier in recognition of his great contribution to the Preceptory.

Thanks every one who continues to support the efforts of all those involved.

E. Kt. Roy A. Pike P.G. Aide-de-Camp

AGM -- 5th March 2011 12o'clock


Dear Bro. Kts.

As a timley reminder that the December meeting will be on 11th and not the 4th as normal. Moreover the first meeting of the new year will be on Saturday 8th January.

Would you kindly remind other Knights that you might see, of this temporary change.

Following on from this the A.G.M. will again be held following the normal meeting in March — with the “Full Dress Rehersal Meeting” being held on Saturday 2nd April. Please bear this in mind and book yourself in for the particular office you wish to enact in parts 1 or 2 of the ceremony. This will assist the preceptors in planning of officers for the day.

In writing I would advise you you that if you wish to remain members ot the Preceptory, the annual subs of £2.00 are due on 1st January 2011. This can be paid when you attend or by post to me at the normal address.

Below is an invitation to attend the Kent Preceptory of St George's meeting on 21 December. Its their installation/birthday/Christmas meeting all rolled into one and so is one of the most enjoyable meetings in any order you could attend.

Also if you wish to take part in the demonstration meeting in April, please download the form below, fill in which office you would like to do (with a preference number) and return it to E Kt Roy Pike, as soon as possible, as the officers are filled on a first come basis.

Sincerely in the Bonds of the Order

E. Kt. G .E. Birchall

St George's Invite

St George's Preceptory summons and dining slip

Officer application form Summons for 2 April 2011