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On the 25th November 2009 E Kt Ron Pritchard successfully passed the test of becoming a qualified Preceptor. This qualifies him to be a Preceptor in any licensed Preceptory of Improvement. Anyone who wishes to take this test must first receive the permission of the Provincial Prior. The procedure is then to attend The King Edward Preceptory of Improvement which meet six times a year at Mark Masons Hall, they will be given instruction on the ritual. Then finally take the test under the scrutiny of the examiners, who are appointed by The Grand Master. Ron has had the advantage of attending The Kent Preceptory of Improvement whose workings are indentical to The King Edward Preceptory of Improvement. There are only seven in the country who have passed this test and Kent have three.

Picture above shows Ron receiving his certificate along with the Preceptory members present at the December meeting.