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2012 Demonstration Meeting — 31 March 2012

The Kent Preceptory of Improvement held it's Annual Festival Meeting at Wigmore on Saturday 31st March.

This year's meeting broke new ground by having twenty three different Preceptories represented, including two from London Province.

The members were delighted to have the presence of the V.E. Provincial Sub Prior Em. Kt. Peter McIntyre in attendance.

As is the usual custom, the principal officers changed over for the second half of the ceremony with Kts. Dennis Dean and Jeff Turner occupying the Eminent Preceptor's chair and Kts. John Folkard and David Hudson the Marshalls.

The ceremony was rehearsed in a relaxed and cordial atmosphere with Kt. Peter Bearman delivering the Charge and Kt. Phillip Sturt explaining the Symbols.

On completion of the ceremony the V.E. Sub Prior commented on the extremely high standard of the work and congratulated all those taking part. He also pointed out the benefit and important work that the Preceptory of Improvement was doing for the Province, and that all Knights should be encouraged to attend.

The resident Instructing Preceptors were pleased to hear the V.E. Sub Priors comments and were rightly proud of the standard and quality of the performance.

The meeting concluded with a light hearted festive board of Bangers and Mash — enthusiastically enjoyed by all.

All Knights are cordially welcome to join the Kent Preceptory of Improvement which meet at the Howard Hall, Woodside, Wigmore between 10.00am and 12.00noon on the first Saturday of the month except June or July.