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Provincial Prior's Bodyguard

History of the
Provincial Priory's Bodyguard

Granted permission from Great Priory to form the Kent and Surrey Bodyguard in 1933
Kent and Surrey Bodyguard form in 1934
Kent Bodyguard separated from Surrey Bodyguard formed in 1956

Roll of Honour
Year of officeNameName of Preceptory
Kent Commander of the Bodyguard (Past and Present)
2013–D. P. Barden402
2011–2013    M. W. Stillwell333
2010–2011K. A. Gane391
2007–2010D. A. Griffiths224
2006–2007R. R. Page391
2003–2006R. K. Alderson286
2000–2003J. W. A. McCully391
1997–2000P. J. Mcintyre436
1993–1997E. A. Adlington391
1991–1993G. Musgrove391
1987–1991C. J. Pike391
1982–1987C. G. A. Hixson224
1972–1982C. E. Whitfield257
1957–1972L. T. B. Scott257
Kent and Surrey Commander of the Bodyguard (Past)
1953–1957W. S. Bird196
1952–1953A. J. B. Dickson286
1951–1952No appointment made
1947–1951A. McKenzie–Smith257
1943–1947Abeyance until after the war    
1938–1943A. G. Rumbelow257
1934–1935N. Moore196
Kent Registrar of the Bodyguard (Past and Present)
2016–C. R. Hudson392
2015–2016A. Holyomes224
2013–2015D. Dean391
2012–2013    C. G. Smith629
2011–2012D. P. Barden402
2010–2011R. J. Bahrawy436
2008–2010M. W. Stillwell333
2005–2008R. A. Warman596
2004–2005R. A. H. Smith436
2003–2004R. R. Page391
Kent Deputy Commander of the Bodyguard (Past and Present)
2015–D. Dean391
2013–2015C. G. Smith629
2012–2013D. P. Barden402
2011–2012R. J. Bahrawy436
2010–2011M. W. Stillwell333
2007–2010K. A. Gane391
2006–2007D. A. Griffiths224
2003–2006J. Nightingale333
2000–2003R. K. Alderson286
1997–2000J. W. A. McCully391
1993–1997A. R. Young436
1991–1993E. A. Adlington391
1987–1991G. Musgrove391
1982–1987C. J. Pike391
1972–1982C. G. A. Hixson224
1958–1972C. E. Whitfield257
Kent and Surrey Deputy Commander of the Bodyguard (Past)
1953–1957A. J. Johnson225
1952–1953No appointment
1947–1951H. B. Eve162
1943–1947Abeyance until “after the war”
1938–1943C. J. Baker146