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Golden Jubilee for Ernie!
A very rare occurrence was celebrated at Tunbridge Wells on 21st June 2011.

E.Kt. Ernest Charles Bissenden celebrated 50 Years as a Knight Templar.

Ernie, who joined Preceptory No. 333, at the age of 33 (you can work his age out for yourself!), was joined in his Celebration by the members of St Vincent Preceptory, the Provincial Prior, the Sub Prior, an array of Provincial Officers, and a detachment of the Provincial Priorís Bodyguard.

To mark just how really special the occasion was, V.E. Kt. Glyn Goddard, the Great Registrar, escorted the Very High & Right Eminent Great Seneschal, Malcolm Slater, GCT into the meeting!

The Great Seneschal took the Chair, and caused the 50 year Citation to be read by the Vice-Chancellor. He then presented it to E.Kt. Bissenden, giving a brief resume of Ernieís Masonic career, reproduced below. The Provincial Prior then reminded some knights, and educated the younger ones, as to what was happening in the world at the time of Ernieís Installation on 20th June 1961.

After this, the already overwhelmed Ernie was further dumbfounded when the Great Senschal, on authorisation of the Grand Master, conferred field promotion to the rank of Past Great Registrar on VERY EMINENT Knight Ernest Charles Bissenden!

The meeting was followed by very convivial Refection.

Ernest Charles Bissenden - 50 Years as a Knight Templar
Craft Initiated 13th Feb 1952 into Paddock Wood Lodge 4291. Installed W.M 1966/67 Provincial Rank 1976.

Joined Lodge of the Men of Kent & Kentish Men (West Kent) 1982. Appointed Secretary 1986, retired 1994. Provincial Rank P.Pr SGD 1989 promoted P.Pr G.Reg 2003

W.M. of Man of Kent & Kentish Man 1998. Office in Lodge at present: Mentor, Royal Arch Representative and Assistant Secretary.

50 Year certificate presented 23rd February 2002 by V.W.Bro M.J.Chapman, Deputy Prov Grand Master.

Royal Arch Exalted in Stanley Wickham Chapter, Paddock Wood 21st January 1956. Joined Men of Kent and Kentish Men Chapter No 4273 in 1970. Appointed 1st Principal 1981. Elected Treasurer 1988 retired 2009. Received Provincial Rank West Kent 1987. Promoted to P.Pr.Scribe N 2006. Joined Anderida 1st Principals Chapter. 1st Principal 1994. Elected Treasurer 2001-2007.

50 Year Royal Arch certificate presented 2nd February 2006 by E.Comp A.Game 2nd Prov Principal.

Mark Advanced in the Mark Degree 19th May 1958. Member of King Charles The Martyr Lodge and held office of treasurer 1986-2007. Received rank of P.P.G.M.O. 2007.

50 Year certificate presented 14th October 2008 by R.W.Bro R.H.H.Croucher Prov Grand Master for Kent.

Royal Ark Mariners Elevated 19th November 1985 King Charles The Martyr. Commander in 1989 and elected treasurer 1991-2009. Provincial Rank 2001 and Grand Rank 2008

Rose Croix Perfected 23rd March 1983 in Weald Chapter No 842. Most Wise Sovereign 1982. Treasurer from 2007 to date.

Knights Templar Installed in St Vincent Preceptory 333 20th June 1961. Preceptor 1971 and 2001 (Jubilee Meeting). Offices held in Preceptory: Treasurer and at present Almoner.

Provincial Rank P.Pr Reg; Great Priory: P.Gt.Capt.of Gds, 1990; P.Gt.Std.B(VB), 2002; and now P.Gt.Reg, 2011.