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Farewell Kessick, and thanks!

On Saturday 9th June 2012, the Province said farewell to the Provincial Prior in real style.

Supported by a hefty contingent of his officers and Bodyguard, R.E.Kt. Kessick Jones paid his final visit as Provincial Prior to the Preceptory of the Holy Trinity at Gravesend.

What a meeting to choose!

Eminent Knight Ken Fickling, the Installing Preceptor, made an absolutely wonderful job of Installing Bodyguard stalwart, Nick Probert into the Chair in both the Temple and Malta. All preparations had been made flawlessly, and the Preceptory Officers were all on top form.

At the Refection afterwards, a first class meal and wines, plus the surprises . . .

The Provincial Prior Nominate, Peter McIntyre, proposed Kessickís health, advising him that a collection had been taken amongst all the Preceptories, and called upon the Provincial Treasurer, Graham Higgs, who took out his wallet, and one at a time counted out £10 notes! But, said Peter, mimicking Chris Tarrant, "We donít want to give you that!", and snatched it back.

He then presented Kessick with a shoe-box (which had been previously presented by Kessick to the Vice-Chancellor last year!), containing "bits & pieces of software and hardware for his computer". Then, another box containing high quality headphones, for use with that computer, but seeing that Kessickís computer couldnít really stand the strain, out came a new state-of-the-art laptop for him to do all his new work on. It was topped off with a new all-in-one scanner, copier, and printer to print out all that new work. The toast was given, and greeted with acclaim. Kessick was stunned, and delivered an emotional and heartfelt response thanking everyone in the Province, resulting in a standing ovation . . . but it didn't finish there!

E.Kt. Fickling proposed the toast to the New Eminent Preceptor, and in his response, Nick paid yet another tribute to Kessick, and further presented him with a very special bottle of Macallan Elegancia Malt Whisky, bottled in 2004 when Kessick received his patent, and finally a "Knights of Malta" golfing cap, which Kessick immediately donned, promising to make use of it the very next day.