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A farewell message from Kessick

I pen this missive on my last day as your Provincial Prior with a heavy heart as it is in essence – farewell. I have enjoyed eight proud and happy years leading the Province and I shall miss you all. However, new challenges await me to which I must apply the utmost of my energies. As most of you will know this situation has regretfully, but inevitably, led to my decision to retire.

I take with me a wealth of enjoyable experiences, lasting fond memories and a distinct sense of pride, that the standards we now set and the performances we maintain are the envy of many other Provinces. But now is not the time for complacency or to rest upon any laurels, and I urge you all to spare no effort in your future endeavours. I have every confidence that you will loyally support my successor as you have me and that he will continue my constant theme of thoroughly enjoying your Templar Masonry.

This now heralds the end of an era under my superintendence, but don’t think of it as an ending but as an exciting beginning. When I was installed as Provincial Prior in 2004 our journey began together and during that time we have achieved considerable success. Forget not, that success is a journey not a destination and you should all now continue travelling on that journey with your new leader.

I take this opportunity to thank all the Brother Knights who have sent me messages of congratulation and goodwill, there have been too many to reply to personally as yet, but I will during the forthcoming weeks. I also thank you all for your magnificent gift that was presented to me on Saturday during my last official visit. I am indebted to the members of The Holy Trinity Preceptory for hosting that meeting and for the generosity of their hospitality.

I have no doubt that I will meet many of you in the near future in other Orders and I look forward to that, but time-honoured protocol dictates that for the next year I must stay out of the way in this Order. When my period of ‘purdah’ is over I shall be back amongst you to pledge my allegiance to our new Provincial Prior.

Goodbye, Good Luck, and May the Great Captain of our Salvation bless you all.

Provincial Prior
Monday 11th June 2012