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Suth Seaxe
No 9
Invicta No 15

Cantwara Invicta
Lodge No.15

Meets at Westwood Centre, Welling on:
1st Monday, March;
1st Monday, June;
1st Friday, November.

During the latter part of 2014 it was noted that among the members of Suth Seaxe Lodge No.9, there were enough members from the Provincial Priory of Kent to consider forming a Lodge of Scottish Masters of St Andrew specifically for Kent.

A steering group was formed, and Peter Wise was tasked with organising the formation. In mid-2015 the Most Reverend & Eminent Grand Master gave his Approval to the Petition, and to proceed with the Consecration.

On 24th November 2015, the Grand Master, Michael Edward Herbert, with a team of Grand Officers, came along to the Westwood Centre, Welling, and Consecrated the Cantwara Invicta Lodge No.15. Very Reverend Knight Kessick Jones was Installed as Primus Deputy Master by the Regional Grand Prefect, Eddie Goodwin.

The Lodge will meet at Welling on the mornings of the first Monday in March & June (Installation), and the first Friday in November. Suth Seaxe Lodge No.9 henceforward meets only within the Provinces of Surrey & Sussex.

The first working meeting of the Lodge took place on Monday 7th March 2016, when the new Sub-Prior, Terry Tanner, and new Vice-Chancellor, Colin Smith were admitted. A ballot was also taken to nominate the second Deputy Master, which proved in favour of Reverend Knight Peter Wise, who will be installed by the Regional Grand Prefect in June.

Qualifications for admission remain strict, and by Invitation of the Provincial Prior only, but if anyone wishes more information, then they need only ask the Provincial Vice-Chancellor.

First Officers of the Lodge

Worshipful Deputy MasterV.Revd.Kt. Kessick J.Jones, PGReg
Senior WardenRevd.Kt. Peter J. Wise, KBHC
Junior WardenRevd.Kt. Ralph M. Apperley, KBHC
OratorBro. Robin J. Cooke, V
TreasurerBro. Colin P. Tunbridge, V
SecretaryBro. John W.A. McCully, IV
Preparing BrotherBro. James S. Allan, V
Master of CeremoniesRevd.Kt. David Jordan, KBHC
Asst Master of CeremoniesRevd.Kt. Kelvin A. Gane, KBHC
AlmonerBro. Peter C. Brockbank, IV
SponsorBro. Alan D. Moore, V
BursarBro. E.R. John Tunbridge, IV
AcolyteBro. David G. Viggers, IV
OrganistBro. Kevin C. Johnson, V
Outer GuardBro. Lucjon L. Finnis, IV