Knights Beneficent of the Holy City
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Suth Seaxe
No 9
Invicta No 15

Suth Seaxe Lodge
of Scottish Masters
No. 9

Meets within the Provinces of Sussex, Kent and Surrey on:
3rd Wednesday, June, Nutfield;
3rd Thursday, October, Peacehaven;
4th Thursday, March, Bromley.

Past Worshipful Deputy Masters

G.L. Flight, G. Treas   2008
K.J. Jones, P.G.Reg2009
D.E. Hollinshead, KBHC2010
N. A. B. Grout, P.A.G.Mar 2011
R. A. Barton, KBHC 2012
P.J. McIntyre, A.G.Mar 2013
A. Long, KBHC 2014

Officers 2015/16

Worshipful Deputy MasterRevd.Kt. T. A. D. Bowler, KBHC
Senior WardenRevd.Kt. A. Long, KBHC
Junior WardenRevd.Kt. D. Jordan, KBHC
OratorRevd.Kt. G. Harvey, KBHC
TreasurerRevd.Kt. I. T .D. Smith, KBHC
SecretaryS.N. C. D. Cradock, V
Preparing BrotherS.N. C. Dann, V
Master of CeremoniesRevd.Kt. K. A. Gane, KBHC
Asst Master of CeremoniesS.N. C. W. Eley, V
AlmonerS.N. J. R. Payne, V
SponsorS.N. M. P. Conn, V
BursarS.N. R. J. Cooke, V
AcolyteS.N. P. Brown, V
OrganistS.N. K. C. Johnson, V
Outer Guardt.b.a.
Any further information required may be requested from the Secretary.
Qualification for membership: Knight Templar and by Invitation only