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Provincial Priory of Kent
Knights of Malta Officers 2015-2016

Prior R E Kt D Jordan
Sub-Prior   E Kt T W Tanner
Prelate E Kt H T Pashley
Capt General E Kt D G Viggers
Lt General E Kt R D Spicer
First Lieutenant E Kt E J Folkard
Second Lieutenant E Kt E J Senior
Mareschal E Kt K A Gane
Deputy Mareschal E Kt R R Page
Deputy Mareschal E Kt C D Jackson
Hospitaller E Kt R W Hudson
Admiral E Kt C R Manuel
Conservator   E Kt K H Pavey
Baillie E Kt S Dymond
Turcopolier E Kt D C Cantlon
Chancellor E Kt C G Smith
Treasurer E Kt G C Higgs
Banner Bearer E Kt R S Stuart
Sword Bearer E Kt AJ Fillingham
Captain of Outposts      E Kt J A Turner
Organist E Kt K C Johnson
Guard E Kt A J Linton

Provincial Prior's Bodyguard
Commander E Kt D P Barden
Deputy Commander   E Kt D Dean
Registrar Kt A Holyomes
Kt C J BarrettKt D R Chapman      Kt M A Chapman
Kt P K J ChunKt R F P DevineE Kt V Fattorusso
Kt B W HartKt C HopeKt C R Hudson
Kt S D McNeillKt N P SladeKt A P Waters
Kt K J Whitby  
The Bodyguard is always on the lookout for new members. Interested knights should be at least 5 years away from the Preceptor's Chair, be keen to visit around the Province, attending the Prior & Sub-Prior on their Official Visits, and to carry out their special duties at the Provincial Priory meeting in July, the Malta meeting in October, and at the Church Service in March. Knights usually retire from the Bodyguard on attaining Provincial Rank. Applications via the Provincial Vice-Chancellor (see below).

If you wish to contact the province, click on the Vice-Chancellor's link above