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History of the
Provincial Priory of Kent
The history of the Knight Templar Province of Kent is quite unusual. For a long time, it has been closely associated with that of Surrey, and for two periods existed as a Province with effectively no members at all!

I have put together a simple “timeline” below which shows the development of the Province via its three main executive Officers, The Prior, by whichever title he was known, his Deputy or Sub-Prior and the Vice-Chancellor, or Administration Officer.

In researching the timeline, I gratefully acknowledge the work of Eminent Knight David DeVille of Surrey in his The History of the Provincial Priory of Surrey at the Advent of the Third Millennium, 1864–1999

I am amazed at some of the happenings of the early years, and the importance of the early Preceptories, some long gone, or at least removed from Kent; surprised how the moving of just one Preceptory from one tavern to another could reduce a Province to nothing.

I challenge all the Preceptories of Kent, if they have not already done so, to write their history, and I further challenge any enthusiastic historians amongst you to put together and publish a full history of KT in Kent.

Yours in the Bonds of the Order

Peter Wise
Vice-Chancellor, 2012

  Provincial Commandery of Kent
  Provincial Grand Commander
1847    Dr. Robert T. Crucefix
1850 Dr. Robert T. Crucefix deceased.
1856 The Kemys-Tynte Preceptory No.48 was Consecrated and the Provincial Grand Conclave of Kent was formed by Patent by ME&SGM, Col. Charles Kemys Kemys-Tynte, both on 19th March.
Provincial Grand Conclave of Kent
1856     Provincial Grand Commander Deputy Provincial Grand Commander
1856 Eminent Sir Kt. Henry J. Hinxman, M.D.    
1859   Sir Kt. Shadwell H. Clerke, R.A.
1865 Sir Kt.Shadwell H. Clerke, R.A.    Installed at Woolwich
1866    Sir Kt. Captain N.G.Phillips Became Prov Prior, East Anglia
1868    Sir K. William Smith, C.E.
1870    Sir Kt. Captain W.F.Portlock Dadson, R.B.G.
1874 Sir Kt. Shadwell H. Clerke, R.A. resigned   No Preceptories left in Kent.
1880       Temple Cressing Preceptory No. 45 moved within
Kent Boundary, to Greenwich!
1880         Black Prince Preceptory No. 146
Consecrated at Canterbury
Provincial Priory of Kent & Surrey
1880     Provincial Prior Sub-Prior Treasurer & Registrar/V-C
   Gen. John Studholme Brownrigg, C.B. Raymond H. Thrupp J.R. Boor Treasurer & Registrar
1882    Lt.Col. George H. Haldane
1887       A.H.Bateman
1889 Lt.Col. George H. Haldane Horatio Ward
1892 Col Gerald Noel Money, C.B. Horatio Ward
1895 Rt.Hon. Earl of Onslow, G.C.M.G. Horatio Ward
1899    H. Ward retired, not replaced
1901    S.G.Kirchhoffer Lt.Col. H.P.Sankey Registrar
1905       Lt.Col. H.Grier
1908 Lt.Col. Sir Francis S. Moon, Bart. William Russell John Alexander Braik
1911 William Russell Arthur Humphrey Bowles
1917    John Ashmead Pruen, M.A.
1920 Captain The Hon. George R.C. St.Vincent Harris
1921    George Anthony King
1925    Sir George Anthony King
1926       George Edmund Walker Bridge Vice-Chancellor
1928    Hugh Charles Knowles Lt.Col.Aylmer George Galloway
1931    Lt.Col. Aylmer George Galloway George E.W. Bridge
1932 Captain The Hon. George St. Vincent Harris, M.C.       Lord Harris, son of Lord Harris!
1941    Lt.Col. Aylmer George Galloway Lt.Col. Aylmer George Galloway
1942       Gordon Duff Powell
1945       Major Thomas Charles Moore Johnson
1947          Lord Harris made ME&S Grand Master
1951 Lt.Col. Aylmer George Galloway Captain Alexander Mckenzie-Smith Wing Cmdr. Ronald Frederick Jessup
1952       Frederick George Bell / T.C.M.Johnson
1953       Major Arthur James Boot Dickson
   Provincial Prior Sub-Prior Vice-Chancellor
1956 Captain Alexander Mckenzie-Smith Frederick William Friday Major Arthur James Boot Dickson
1966 Frederick William Friday
1970    Captain Bartholomew Foskett, M.C. Reginald Fielding Jones
1972    John Frederick Spalding, M.Sc., J.P.
1978 John Frederick Spalding, M.Sc., J.P. Peter Churton Collins
1979    Dr. Roy James Edney
1982 Dr. Roy James Edney Charles Edward Whitfield
1989    Wilfred Charles Hammond Andrew Struthers Semple
1991    Keith James Breading
1992 Keith James Breading Noel Alfred Brian Grout
2001    Kessick John Jones
2004 Kessick John Jones Peter John McIntyre Michael George Harridine
2006       John William Arthur McCully
2008       Peter John Wise
2012 Peter John McIntyre Colin Tunbridge