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Around the Province

Meet the Sub-Prior

E. Kt. Terence William Tanner is known throughout the Province and here is a thumbnail sketch of the person behind the regalia.

He lives, with his lady Wendy, in a village, called Nonington, which is midway between Canterbury, Dover and Sandwich. They have been together for over 18 years.

He is a retired Senior Shift Control Engineer of a major Power Company. (London Electricity Board) After 40 years’ service, starting initially, as a Craft Apprentice Electrical Fitter. And, had overall responsibility for power supplies from 240V up to 132,000V.

He was granted the Freedom of the City of London in 1984 for his Fund Raising activities as a member of the “Swanley Unit for Multiple Sclerosis”.

Initiated into the Holborn Lodge No 2398 (London) in 1976, W. Master in 1985, D.C. for 8 years. Joined County Gate Lodge No 7849 (West Kent) in 1995, Secretary 6 years and W. M. 2002. West Kent Past Masters Lodge No 5778 in 1998. Tetragon Lodge No 6302 (London) in 2001. W.M. in 2006. Friends of Kent Lodge No 9485 (West Kent) in January 2005, Almoner and Secretary. Wellington Lodge No 784 (East Kent) in 2010. Currently S.W. Plantagenets Lodge No 8409 (West Kent) in 2013.

Promoted to PPrJGD and PPrGSuptWks.

Exalted into Tetragon Chapter No 6302 in 1978 and was 1st Principal in 1989 and again, in 2003. Scribe E for 11 years. Promoted to LGCR in 1998 and SLGCR in 2006. Joined County Gate Chapter No 7849 in 1998. 1st Principal in 2000. West Kent 1st Principals’ No 5778 and the North Kent 1st Principals’ Chapter No 9062 in 2003 served as J. and H. Currently Almoner for the second time and 1st Principal nominate next year. Was appointed to PPrGSwdB (West Kent) in June 2007.

Has been Most Wise Sovereign four times in Rose Croix, including the Kent Higher Degrees Chapter No 1071. D.C., Recorder and Treasurer. His rank is 31°.

Also a member of the Secret Monitor, Scarlet Cord (Recorder) and Red Cross of Constantine Orders.

Appointed, Assistant Curator of the Kent Museum of Freemasonry in 2015, as well as being a Guide and Keyholder.

Also undertakes lectures, throughout the Home Counties to Masonic and other organisations on various Masonic subjects. Having raised contributions to the East and West Kent Provincial Appeals, the Museum and other deserving Charities.

He has also served all the progressive offices in our Order and been Eminent Preceptor twice. Westwood Preceptory No 433 in 2007 and the Kent Preceptory of St. George No 629 in 2008. Serving the offices of Treasurer and Registrar. Promoted to the Provincial Active offices of AdeC, 1st Herald, and 1st Constable.

On the 14th December 2105, he was invested as Provincial Sub-Prior. The appointment to the latter was a complete surprise to him, but a role he was delighted to accept and is looking forward to fulfilling the office to the best of his abilities.